Dear Friends & Associates,

Wishing you the very best in the Year of the Dragon & may the good force be with you all.

May your hedging and trading & your entry & exit timing be inline with the direction of the palm oil market.

The Indonesian & Malaysian palm oil prices congested in range trading over the last eight trading days and settled today slightly negative.

As at Thursday’s close, the GMT2/5 trend-tracker showed that the BMD CPO futures immediate term price outlook is slightly negative with the 2 and 5 period MAV-lines entering into a bearish convergence. Triggering of the sell-signal would mark the start of a downward adjustment. (see BMD and ICDX daily charts).

Presently, the BDM crude palm oil futures has an immediate technical support at the RM3,150-RM3,130 levels. Violation of this support would signal the start of a downward wave. Meanwhile, immediate resistance is pegged at the RM3,250-RM3,230 levels. The main trend is deemed to be back to it bullish mode if these overhead hurdles are successfully vaulted.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian palm oil futures traded at the ICDX has projected the same setting as Kuala Lumpur.

The GMT2/5 indicator at the ICDX closed Thursday in negative convergence and called for a minor correction in the coming days.

Resistance for the immediate term is seen at IR9,350-IR9,450 levels. A successful punch through these levels would signal the resumption of the upward trend.

Chart-support for the near term now stands at the IR9,150-IR9,175 level. Overall trend would likely turn south if these important supports were to be breached.

The Indonesian Palm Oil Master Trader Tutorials (MTT) conducted by me would be held in Medan on 20th & 21st, February and in Jakarta on 23rd & 24th, February, 2012.

The Malaysian Palm Oil Master Trader Tutorials (MTT) would be held in Kuala Lumpur on 8th & 9th March, 2012. (Immediately after the POC 2012)

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1st January 2012

Dear Friends & Associates,

Wishing you all a Happy & Prosperous New 2012!

2011 was indeed an eventful and fruitful year for many of my associates and friends.

Many commercial hedgers and traders successfully caught the price swings created by the large movers & shakers of the market by using the GMT2/5 trend-tracking and other technical techniques. They also managed not to be distracted by conflicting voices and values that made trading so very difficult last year.

The price charts are the graphic representation of the psychology of the market. They mirror the market and give a crystal clear picture of the price direction of CPO market.

Nine months of 2011 was dominated by bearish trading activities and thanks to our trend-tracker GMT2/5 and other indicators, we managed to successfully capture most of the big-moves.

In BMD CPO futures, four distinctive sell-signals and four buy-signals were generated in 2011 and all these signals resulted in strong follow through in price movements. Kindly take a look at the BMD CPO futures weekly chart that illustrates the effectiveness of these trading tools.

As at the last trading week of the year 2011, the GMT2/5 signal remained positive and signalled that immediate term price trend would stay constructive.

This trading approach is not about what should work. It is about one thing only – what really and actually works.

As palm oil hedgers & traders, we are really only interested in one thing – WHAT WORKS!  Everything Else Is Not Important!

In a CPO market crisis, timing is everything!

Please look at the ICDX weekly CPO futures price chart for the GMT2/5 buy & sell signals.

The effectiveness and consistency of the GMT2/5 trading and timing approach was well illustrated at the Indonesian Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (ICDX) in 2011.

Similar to the CPO futures traded at the BMD, the GMT2/5 gave four powerful sell-signals and four buy-signals last year at the ICDX. All signals when generated resulted in the continuation of the price trend.

As of last Friday’s close, the ICDX CPO futures is bullish. The GMT2/5 indicator stayed positive for the prices trend and suggested further upside trading.

As a trader & analyst, I believe that the best trading system is one which is simple, pure and easy and at the same time allows you to ride a trend and profit from it.

As a hedger & trader, you simply cannot win without a trading-edge!

Take a good look at the GMT2/5 buy & sell signals for the CME soyoil (SBO) futures. Over the last six months, five trading signals we triggered and the most important fact is that all five signals showed the direction of the price trend!

As at the final week of 2011, the GMT2/5-signal calls for the continuation the upward cycle.

My trading approach goes for consistency on a trade-to-trade basis, not perfect trades.

My idea seems simple. But putting them into practice is NOT and has never been easy!

It is You! You can change the way you look at the CPO market and trade or hedge effectively. It is up to you.

I enjoy coaching young people and there are many of you out there. I invite you to attend my Palm Oil Master-Trader Tutorials in Indonesia & Malaysia and master the trading-edge to become a consistent winner. You will take away powerful information at the MTT that will significantly improve your trading results as well as avoid all the common and expensive mistakes that all traders must make.

The Indonesian Palm Oil Master Trader Tutorials (MTT) conducted by me would be held in Medan on 20th & 21st, February and in Jakarta on 23rd & 24th, February, 2012.

The Malaysian Palm Oil Master Trader Tutorials (MTT) would be held in Kuala Lumpur on 8th & 9th March, 2012. (Immediately after the POC2012)

Please make an effort to attend and kindly inform your friends in the industry about it.

Please feel free to share this Palm Oil Trend Analysis and Price Outlook Report with your friends in the Palm Oil industry.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Sincerely Yours,

(Chief Coach-Palm Oil Master Trader Tutorials)