The Year of the Horse – 2014


The Year of the Horse – 2014

The New Moon on January 30th begins the Chinese New Year of the Horse. The Horse year is a time for fast victories and unexpected high-risk and high-return opportunities. The horse energy is very strong and lively and traders who can time trades correctly would be greatly rewarded. Decisive action, not procrastination, brings victory. But we have to act fast in the Horse year as events move very quickly. Traders without proper trading method and planning can gallop off in the wrong direction!


In 2013, it was not exactly a stellar year for crude palm oil. Futures prices fluctuated orderly in a RM550 range. The power of our GMT Trend-Tracker was tested under such difficult market conditions and passed with flying colours! The GMT T.T. (trend-tracker) managed to capture eight out of eight of the 2013 trading cycles or trends despite extremely tight price fluctuations. Kindly take a look at the price-chart below and observe the eight bull & bear trading signals generated by our GMT T.T.

It is interesting to note that all the trading-signals given in 2013 were followed by a continuation of the price-trend based on the signal-call. As a trader & hedger, we all know how important it is for us to place our trades or bets on the right-side of the market trend.

Presently, the GMT T.T. has entered into a constructive mode and the bullish convergence of the algorithm suggests that the immediate term price outlook would stay positive within a price-range of RM2,525 to RM2,650 in the 1stQ of 2014.



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In 2013, it was downtrend market for the CME soyoil futures. Prices slipped from an early year-high of US 54 cents per lb to US 37 cents and the bearish trend has not indicated any sign of expiring.

It was indeed a breeze for traders of soyoil in 2013.


Only four trading signals were generated by our GMT T.T. (trend-tracker)

The two bearish or sell-signals as depicted by the bear in the chart above were simply remarkable. The first sell-signal given in mid-February, 2013, took prices into a six-month downtrend while the second sell-signal triggered in early-September, 2013 sent the market into a four-and-a-half month free-fall and at this point of writing, the downward trend is still not over! Meanwhile, the two bullish-signals (see chart) triggered in mid-January and late-August, 2013, only managed to develop minor price advances.

Based on the GMT T.T., the soyoil futures prices are still in a bearish mode and the underlying strength continues to remain weak. For the nearterm, prices may continue to fall and find support around the US cents 36.00-US cents 35.50. …End

More Wisdom . .

For 2014, I have come up with Four Rules for Trading. This is a template for trading in any market sector or in any market environment.

  1. Protect the cash: That’s how fortunes are made.
    Depending on the market environment, there are times when I make a few trades in a day. But there are also times when there is no position to take. I’ve gone days, even weeks without deploying my trading capital…
    But when I’m ready, I have a nice big bankroll to use. So be patient.
  2. You need to take 100% control.
    As my above GMT trend-tracking experience proves, you need to have 100% control of your financial destiny.If your broker or money manager dismisses your concerns, questions, or objections, fire him immediately.
  3. Trust yourself.
    If something doesn’t feel right, chances are it is not.
    This is why this trading report Palm Oil Price Forecast exist. We do not get paid by fund managers or palm oil traders. We get paid by the success of our trading and hedging ideas.
    If you make money from our ideas, you stay with us and tell your friends. If you lose money, you leave us. Pure and simple.
    And finally…
  4. If you’re going to hedge or speculate, go where the market cycle is.
    This one really is simple.
    My rule of thumb is to trade with the trend that is working until it stops working. GMT Trend-Tracker really does show the trades!

If you follow these Four Rules in the Year of the Horse, I guarantee you’ll be a more successful trader & hedger…

Profitably Yours,