Palm Oil in the Year of the Horse – 2014

Dear Friends & Associates,


Wishing you all good health, peace & prosperity in the Chinese New Year of the Horse!

We are now six days into the Year of the Horse and palm oil prices are on an impressive upward-move after having taken a minor dip in early-trading.

As a rider of two solid stallions, Tordila and Step-toe, for the last fifteen years, I am fully aware that the movements of a horse come in four phases – walk, trot, canter and finally gallop.

Technically speaking, the palm oil prices are in the trot- phase and prospects of the market shifting into the canter and finally the gallop-phase appears to be bright as we move into the last leg of the 1st Q 2014.

Our simple algorithm GMT Trend-Tracker signalled the end of the downward cycle on 5th February (see chart) and gave the buy-signal (around the RM2,540-RM2,550 levels) and showed that the next cycle would be a positive one. Yes, indeed, the market had advanced RM70 per tonne at this time of writing. At this juncture, the upward momentum appears to be sustainable.



The immediate term price outlook would stay constructive and be headed for a test of its next price resistance levels of RM2,640 to RM2,650 before the expiration of the 1stQ 2014

My dear Friends & Associate, we all know that as traders & hedger, in order to archive consistent profitability year-in and year-out, we simply have to position our trades on the correct-side of the market.

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The fundamental chart on Malaysian CPO production, stock & export. Take a good look and try to make your own conclusions.


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